Corona Women's College was built in July of 1857 by Rev. L. B. Gaston. The College was a magnificent three story building with a lofty dome. It was built of reddish-pink brick, with wood trimmings. It was located near the present intersections of business 45 highway and highway 72.

The scholastic year carried two sessions of five months each. The school had two departments, the preparatory and collegiate. The College was used on several occasions as a hospital during the Civil War. The College was destroyed by fire as the Northern Troops left Corinth on January 25th, 1864. The exact location of the College has been argumentative over the past 50 years.

March 16th, 1996 , the College site was revisited by a team of archaeologist and historians sponsored by the Siege and Battle Commission of Corinth in an effort to clarify the exact location and size of the building . Using a probe to test the density of the soils, this team was able to locate and excavate the footings of the Corona College.

Three areas of the front of the building were exposed, the southeast corner, the middle, and the northeast corner. At the northeast corner it was discovered that part of the footing had been removed and upon examining the northern footing it was determined that much of the footing on that side had been removed. It is known that many of the brick from the building were used in constructing buildings after the War. Many of the footing brick in rear of the building were crumbled and the corners of the building were not as distinct, however the dimension from front to rear of the building was 48 feet. The length appeared to be approximately 94 feet.

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